LYTTC’s Elite Training Program:

The LYTTC High Performance Program was established in January 2014 and has continued to offer the highest quality training for developing competitive players since.

Time: Saturday 4-7pm

Cost: $50 per session ($40 for annual members)

All players with 1800+ USATT ratings may inquire about joining the training sessions. The squad sessions operate in 8 week blocks.

Each session puts a professional training partner with a group of 3 training players to form a 4 player section. Training ranges from focusing on technique, footwork drills, tactical exercises and different training sessions including table exercises, multi-ball, physical training sessions and blocks of matchplay (team matches, ladders, competitions etc.)

Current Top Players in the Squad: 

– Lily Yip: 2 time US Olympian, 4 Time US National Coach of the Year

–  Cory Eider: 2013 US National Men’s Finalist, 2014 US National Doubles Champion

– Judy Hugh: Many time US National Women’s Team Member

– Matt Hetherington: Two time World Championship representative (New Zealand)

– Kaden Xu: 2700 USATT rated Chinese provincial team player

– James (Yuxiang) Jin: 2550 USATT rated Defensive Specialist

Video Below by MHTableTennis from the 2014 Promotional Launch of the Squad