LYTTC’s Beginner-Intermediate Program (Under 1000):

Starting in 2018 we are now offering a new training squad for players rated under 1000 to focus on developing talented young players towards being able to perform in tournaments and advance their skills. This class is also a stepping stone into the Advanced High Performance group.

Time: Saturday 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Member Cost: $25 per class or 10 class block for $225
Non-Member Cost: $35 per class

LYTTC’s Advanced High Performance Program:

The LYTTC High Performance Program was established in January 2014 and has continued to offer the highest quality training for developing competitive players since.

Times: Saturday 2:30pm – 5:30pm and Sunday 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Member Cost: $40 per class or 10 class block for $360
Non-Member Cost: $50 per class

Squad training features members of the US National Mini-Cadet, Cadet and Junior teams, and our clubs training partners, along with oversight from head coaches. Training ranges from focusing on technique, footwork drills, tactical exercises and different training sessions including table exercises, multi-ball, physical training sessions and blocks of matchplay (team matches, ladders, competitions etc.)

Current Top Players in the Squad: 

– Lily Yip: 2 time US Olympian, 4 Time US National Coach of the Year

–  Cory Eider: 2013 US National Men’s Finalist, 2014 US National Doubles Champion

– Judy Hugh: Many time US National Women’s Team Member

– Matt Hetherington: Two time World Championship representative (New Zealand)

– Kaden Xu: 2700 USATT rated Chinese provincial team player

– James (Yuxiang) Jin: 2550 USATT rated Defensive Specialist

– See the full information page for both groups here

Video Below by MHTableTennis from the 2014 Promotional Launch of the Squad

Wednesday Member VIP Class:

Each Wednesday LYTTC offers a group class for VIP and Premium members of the club, the class focuses on fundamentals of table tennis and groups people together with a coach.

Time: Wednesday 8pm – 9pm
Cost: Free for VIP or Premium Club members only.